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How to buy kitchen scissors?


Kitchen scissors are mainly double-edged tools suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, chicken bones and other food in the kitchen. At the same time, they can be used as an auxiliary tool when the kitchen knife can not meet the use needs.

1. Key points of purchase: kitchen scissors, as a tool for cutting meat and vegetables, we should consider the length, sharpness, flexibility of operation and other factors when purchasing to ensure convenient and labor-saving use.

Blade length: if the sizes of kitchen scissors on the market are different, the length of the blade is also different. Generally speaking, the long blade is more convenient to use than the short blade. When cutting food materials, the short blade is easy to get stuck, while the longer blade is more labor-saving. It is most appropriate to choose a blade of more than 6cm.

Sharpness: the sharpness of kitchen scissors determines whether it is convenient and labor-saving in the process of use. Generally speaking, the smaller the sawtooth, the stronger the sharpness. It can clamp fish, meat and other foods with high oil content, and it is not easy to slip, and the effect of keeping sharp is much better.

Flexibility: the flexibility of kitchen scissors directly affects the efficiency of our use. Some scissors are reopened by hand once, which is a waste of time and laborious. In order to be more flexible, we can choose scissors with automatic rebound function, so that they can open and close freely in the whole process.

2. Classification: according to the function of scissors, they can be generally divided into single use scissors and multi-function scissors. In addition to the simple cutting function, general multi-function scissors can also be used to scrape fish scales, peel, open shells, open bottle caps, etc., so as to truly achieve multi-purpose of one object.

So what are the buying skills when we buy kitchen scissors?

1. Look at the workmanship. The quality of scissors largely depends on whether the workmanship is fine. Observe the workmanship. First, check whether the inner edge line (i.e. a white light on the inner side of the knife edge, which is the scissors, and the two knife edges contact the track line) is uniform and smooth. If possible, open the scissors, and then close them gently to feel whether the scissors are smooth; Most of the guide rails are in the shape of "U", but they must be in the shape of "V" at present; The third is to see whether the handle conforms to the ergonomic principle design, whether the scissors feel comfortable in the hand, whether the fingers will feel uncomfortable in the finger ring, whether the edge of the finger ring is smooth and round, whether the muffler position is correct, whether the tail of the hand is firm, and whether the knife tip is close.

2. Hardness test. The kitchen is simple and often used to cut some meat, bones and other food. Therefore, in addition to being sharp, the overall hardness of the scissors is also more important. When we choose, we can hold the scissors with our hands and then apply force at the handle of the scissors. If the handle bends obviously with the force, it indicates that the hardness is relatively poor. If there is basically no change, it indicates that it is still good.

3. Hardness of screws。The screw is the part between the handle and the blade. Before buying, you can try holding the scissors in your hand. For professional chefs who cook shrimp, crab and other ingredients every day, it's better to loosen the scissors and screws. If it is for household use, it is recommended to buy a slightly tighter one, which will be durable.

4. Try to feel it. When purchasing kitchen scissors, we should see whether we feel comfortable when using them. Everyone's finger shape, thickness and use habits are different. Everyone will feel different when using the same pair of scissors, so we should ensure that we feel good when using them. However, when trying on the hand, it should be noted that it must be opened and closed gently, because the speed is fast, resulting in empty scissors, which will cause great damage to the edge of the new scissors.