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You need a pair of kitchen scissors


                    A pair of scissors is better than 100 kitchen knives?

 Cutting bone is like paper-cutting, saving more than a little effort  

I feel that cooking is not difficult, but the preparation is a lot of trouble, you need to have the right utensils, in order to play the best.  But veterans know that to get the most out of your ingredients, you should also have handy kitchen scissors.  
Breaking up a chicken or steak is too much work to do with a knife or pull with your hands  
Kitchen scissors not only cut small bones without the pain of a kitchen knife, but also handle slippery ingredients like fish, shrimp and raw meat.  And scissors are safe and easy to operate, very friendly to the kitchen.  All it takes is a good pair of kitchen scissors to make a series of seemingly chaotic actions like cutting, cutting, planing and frying easier and more enjoyable.

I feel like a five-star chef since I used the chicken bone shears!  
As a scissors, what he had to do was naturally cut things.  Just as the so-called good steel is used in the blade, this scissors is made of high hardness 4Cr13 food grade stainless steel material, very sharp.  At the same time, considering that women's hand strength is relatively small, the built-in spring of scissors is very strong, so that cutting things can be fast, easy and effortless.  

A lot of food ingredients are really, is the most convenient to use scissors to deal with, before the most afraid is to split the chicken, chop up laborious, sometimes repeated several times to cut, often make the chopping board dirty, will inevitably splash on the body.  

With this scissor, you don't have any of these problems. With a few clicks, it's easy to split the whole chicken, and it won't mess up the kitchen. Even a small person can finish the big project quietly.  
Cutting chicken bones can replace the kitchen knife to treat the whole chicken even the bones of the belt, cut a super sharp, never messy  

As a girl, it is very easy to use. The shape of the scissors is specially designed. The curved edge of the cutting area is designed for cutting meat and vegetables, and the curved notch is designed for cutting meat and vegetables.  

Make full use of the "lever principle", the scissors handle and scissors mouth constitute a "labor-saving lever" easy to grasp, can produce a large shear force, coupled with the cutting edge arc, not easy to slide, making the shear more easy, innovative built-in rebound device, more smooth shear.  Save effort, use again long also won't feel hand sour    
Processing seafood, fish easily cut open the belly, like paper cutting into too small, too hard, chop constantly?  With it, it's easy  

Also after special high temperature quenching forging, so that the hardness of scissors is better, more sharp when cutting, and with corrosion resistance, not easy to rust and many other advantages of hook lock design, that is, the lock is more convenient when not used, direct buckle can prevent rebound, storage more secure  

Cut vegetables leeks, okra, beans...  , how much need to directly cut into the pot, only need to cut a piece of paper strength not dirty cutting board, no odor, can be called perfect!  Time to cook a meal at ordinary times want to add some green ginger garlic pepper, kaka few cut up just to drop into the pot, save trouble ~ integral collocation nature, round handle, heavy collocation by gravity, feel is good in the tail bending, grip feels comfortable, not easy to fall off, accord with human body engineering principle, so use more effectively the "to do a good job, must first sharpen his" with it, greatly shorten the cooking time,  Keep a pair of bone scissors at home for easy cooking time!  Cut the snail, open the wine bottle, cut the steak, decompose the Turkey, the kitchen assistant, prepare the dish with it not too cool!