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The difference between kitchen scissors and ordinary scissors


Kitchen scissors are stronger and sharper than ordinary scissors, because the kitchen will need to deal with meat and bones.

Kitchen scissors are double-edged tools suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, chicken bones and other foods in the kitchen. The two blades are staggered and can be opened and closed. Scissors are not surprising, but they are versatile. When tools such as knives and shovel do not work well, shears can be easily solved. Scissors have become an indispensable tool in people's daily production and life.

Household scissors are double-edged tools for cutting sheet or linear objects such as cloth, paper, steel plate, rope, round steel, etc. The two blades are staggered and can be opened and closed. In China, due to the development of the textile industry, the scissors and scissors industries are differentiated. Scissors are called scissors, which are shaped like an iron pole folded in half, with a counter-blade knife at the tip. They are commonly used in female red textiles. Now they are influenced by foreign culture and are called U-shaped scissors.

Nail clippers are sometimes called scissors, collectively referred to as nail clippers and nail clippers, which were invented by Americans in the 1930s. It is a personal care product, mainly used for trimming nails and toenails. Most nail clippers are made of metal and operate using the principle of leverage. The user only needs to press the end of the forceps to easily cut the nail through the sharp front end.