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What are the multifunctional kitchen scissors for:


What are the multifunctional kitchen scissors for:

1. Scrape fish scales
2. Cooking fruits and vegetables
3. Scissors that can be detached into two parts can be used as fruit knives
4. Open the hard shell fruit
5. Cut the wire skin
6. The tip of the screwdriver (pry open the lid of the can, etc.)
7. Twist open the lid of the can
8. Cut the chicken

The magical effect of scissors

1. Scissors handle meat. Using scissors instead of chopped chicken can reduce the time for cleaning the cutting board and prevent the gravy from splattering everywhere.
2. Use scissors to handle long strips of vegetables such as onions, leeks, and peppers, and directly use scissors to cut onions, leeks, and peppers into the soup or cooked vegetables, without washing the cutting board and kitchen knife.
3. When processing foaming ingredients, you can cut dry shiitake mushrooms or dried vermicelli and other ingredients that have a long foaming time into small sections, which will shorten the foaming time and can also be cooked directly.
4. Use scissors to handle seafood ingredients, clean and hygienic. If shelled shrimps and crabs are handled with a kitchen knife, it is easy to scratch your hands, such as shrimp legs or shrimp whiskers. Use scissors to handle them quickly and neatly. It is also relatively hygienic.
5. Prepare kitchen scissors at any time. You can cut any packaging. Use scissors to cut the packaging cuts clean and flat, especially powder packaging. If you open the packaging by hand, the powder may splash around due to too much force. Using scissors is convenient and convenient. Clean approach.