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Demolition of chicken and fish, shrimp, crab and vegetables, this omnipotent [kitchen scissors] is so easy to use


Demolition of chicken and fish, shrimp, crab and vegetables, this omnipotent [kitchen scissors] is so easy to use.

These kitchen multifunctional scissors, are very easy to use,processing fish, cut chicken bones, cut shrimp guns, cut crabs, scrape fish scales, cut vegetables, clip walnut, open cans,open bottle caps,everything! Help us in the process of cooking, save time, effort,

Many young girls in our office like to cook, but they get "wandered" as soon as they enter the kitchen. The chicken chops don't understand, the scales are not clean, and the vegetable leaves are everywhere. . . . Busy for a meal, there are a lot of pots and pans to be cleaned, as if experiencing a "kitchen world war". . . . I can particularly understand this feeling, because I have come all the way from a young cook who is unfamiliar with the kitchen and is inexplicably nervous when I lift a knife. Life, that's it, it's all small experiences summed up from practice, and then slowly improve it and become mature. When some small skills are transformed into auxiliary gadgets one by one, it can also make us from simple to simpler. It is not a problem to be able to do well in the kitchen~

Today, I will take out the [Kitchen Scissors With Plastic Handle] that my moms have been using, and share it with you~

They are all very easy to use, sharp, delicate, multi-purpose, and very practical gadgets. Let's make the troublesome things in the kitchen as simple as possible in minutes~ Whether you are a "novice" who is not good at handling ingredients or an "veteran" who wants to save some cooking time, it will help you in the process of cooking, saving time, effort, and trouble. Processing fish, cutting chicken bones, cutting shrimp guns, cutting crabs, scraping fish scales, clamping walnuts, opening cans, and opening bottle caps. . . . None of this is a problem. If you want your husband to help in the kitchen without "troubleshooting", that handy pair of scissors is also a must. Give him a plate and a pair of scissors. After a while, chopped green onions and chopped coriander, we will do it for us. Up~ Friends who often eat barbecue at home can prepare 2 of them, separate them from raw and cooked, and use them to cut cooked meat. It’s OK to click, especially handy. The silver one is [Kitchen Scissors With Plastic Handle]. It is one of the top ten knives brands in China, and many well-known European restaurants have designated kitchen knife brands. It is made of stainless steel as a whole, which can be disassembled for easier cleaning. It is very textured in your hand, and you are not used to using too light tools, or those who are looking for exquisiteness, you can choose it. In addition to the most basic handling of fish, cutting chicken bones, and cutting vegetables, it can also be used to scrape fish scales, twist bottle caps, and clamp walnuts.

In families who often drink chicken soup and stew chicken, use a knife to chop the chicken, which will hurt the cutting board and the blade. You have to buy a special cleaver and chop it. Otherwise, you will have to rub the skin and meat repeatedly, and finally clean the greasy cutting board. It's hard work.

You don’t have to worry about these if you have a handy kitchen scissors. Cutting bones like paper cutting can help us break down the whole chicken.

For friends who like to eat chicken feet, use scissors to align your nails with a small amount of force to cut them quickly. It saves more than a little effort, and it is more convenient to eat.

Usually eat prawns, use it to cut shrimp guns, shrimp whiskers, open back, so easy~

For the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day family banquet that will arrive soon, many families will eat crabs, right? Using this pair of scissors to handle crabs can easily handle the hard shells, but don't bite them anymore. Tooth repairs are expensive, and the gains outweigh the gains.

After processing the meat, you can cut the green onion used for cooking and soup for later use, mix the chopped green onions and chopped coriander for the cold dish, and it is OK to use it.