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Best Potato Peelers And Scrapers For Your Kitchen


Scraping and peeling vegetables can become a cumbersome and finger-numbing task if you don’t have the correct tool. Our mission was to find the best and most comfortable vegetable peeler and scraper for your kitchen.

Peelers might be a simple, humble kitchen tool but let’s face it, everyday kitchen tasks are so hard without them. If you have ever worked in a kitchen and tried to peel something with a regular knife, you would understand how important and time-saving peelers are. Peelers also help in reducing food wastage by thinning down the thickness of the vegetable and fruit peel. Peelers, be it swivel peelers or Y-shaped peelers, are easily available in the market. Some of them are high end and some very reasonably priced. 
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Our straight blade with Y shape handle : Blade adopts 420 j2 stainless steel forging, lasting and durable, sharp activity the flat blade skin more fruits and vegetables is suitable for cutting leather hard, each blade Angle is different for different ingredients, to ensure that only cut the ingredients of the cortex, handle adopts 304 stainless steel forging, ergonomic handle design, fully consider about handedness, dig a hole design, Suitable for removing apples, potatoes, vegetables and fruits and other potholes, a good peeling knife to promote the good mood of eating fruit and cooking.