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Every kitchen should have kitchen scissors


Kitchen Shears Multifunctional Scissors
Fantastic Kitchen Scissors will save you a lot of money in buying additional tools as you can use it in a lot of ways. This can be used for cutting chicken bones, scaling fish, opening bottles, peeling fruits, and many more. All you need is this scissor, and you can experience hassle-free cooking and preparing food.

Very Useful Kitchen Tool
You will be amazed by how one scissors can be used in many different kinds of ways. The blades of it are very sharp which you can use for cutting the bones of the chicken. You will not need a knife anymore to cut the chicken in half as you can directly use this scissors on it for cutting. You can also use the scissors for opening the fish for cleaning.

Each blade also has additional tools which you can use in other ways. One side of the blade has a peeler design which you can use for peeling fruits and veggies. While on the other one is a serrated edge which you can use for scaling the fish.

In between the handles is where you can find the nutcracker tool. Now you can easily pen up a walnut and any other hard to open nuts or deeds. You can also use this for opening crabs. For each handle also has additional tools you can find. One handle has a bottle opener, and the other one has a tip which is useful for opening clams and other shell foods.

Durable Stainless Steel
Made of stainless steel material blades which is very sharp and durable. You will be able to use this tool for a long time with proper cleaning and storage. The plastic and rubber handle making it easy and comfortable to hold. It also has an included blade with a built-in magnet at the back. You can attach it easily on any metal surfaces like in your refrigerator for easy reach.