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What are the functions of kitchen scissors


Kitchen scissors are a double-edged tool for cutting meat, vegetables, chicken bones and other foods in the kitchen. They are mostly used to handle foods that are difficult or inconvenient to handle with ordinary knives, such as fish scales, hard nuts, canned food, etc., kitchen scissors The uses are:

1. Handling meat

Using scissors to handle meats that need to be chopped hard, such as chicken and duck, is not only more convenient to use, but also avoids splashing of gravy everywhere and reduces the time to clean the cutting board.

2. Processing long strip vegetables

For vegetables such as onions, leeks, peppers, etc., which are put in the soup or cooked vegetables, using scissors to cut directly does not need to clean the cutting board and kitchen knife again, and it is more convenient to use, clean and hygienic.
3. Processing foaming ingredients

Dried shiitake mushrooms, dried vermicelli, seaweed and other ingredients that need to be foamed can be cut into small sections with kitchen scissors to shorten the foaming time.

4. Handling seafood

Shelled shrimps and crabs are easy to scratch your hands if they are handled with a kitchen knife, especially on shrimp legs or shrimp whiskers. It is extremely inconvenient to handle with a kitchen knife. It is quick and neat to handle with scissors, and it is more hygienic. Scissors can also be used to scrape fish scales, which is very practical.

5. Cut the package

Use kitchen scissors to cut the outer packaging of the food, not only the cut is clean and flat, but also the food inside the package will not splash due to tearing, especially the powder package. If you open the package by hand, it may cause the powder to be too strong. Splashing around, using scissors is a convenient and clean way.