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Kitchen Scissors Selection Guide


1. The material for Kitchen Scissors
For the choice of Kitchen Scissors, its high hardness is the first condition, followed by high strength and toughness. Kitchen Scissors material in cutting to have a lot of shear force and impact force, so Kitchen Scissors must have high strength and toughness. The most important thing is that the Kitchen Scissors material should have wear resistance and heat resistance, because the Kitchen Scissors in use is the cutting of other things, must have the characteristics of wear resistance than other things, heat resistance is to adapt to some high temperature, such as processing of high temperature food is not easy to deformation.
2. Sharpness of the blade
The sharpness of the blade is the main factor of whether the Kitchen Scissors can be used for a long time. The sharpness is determined by the sharpness of the blade and the durability of the sharpness. General steel Kitchen Scissors sharpness can be divided into sharp and smooth, sharp refers to the grinding wheel opening in the microscope can see small teeth; Smooth refers to the blade using natural powder stone grinding opening, the blade is particularly smooth, although the two sharp forms are different, can not determine which is better, the sharpness of the blade is determined by the geometric Angle of the blade, so the geometric Angle of the blade is an important factor to determine whether the Kitchen Scissors are sharp. In addition, the surface of the scissors to be smooth, only the surface of the tool is smooth to really play the effect of rust.
3. Use comfort
The hilt design of Kitchen Scissors wants human nature, take hold comfortable. For the sake of safety, the handle should have anti-slip design, so as not to injure the user.