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How to choose a peeler


Blade material
1. Metal blade: not easy to rust, but easy to dull, not suitable for long-term use.

2. Plastic blade: relatively common, cheap, fast peeling speed, and not easy to hurt your hands.

3. Ceramic blade: recommended, not easy to oxidize and rust. It is sharper than metal blades and safer.
Knife seam
The angle and size of the knife seam also have an effect. The angle is small, the knife is deep, the gap is large, and the meat is cut off. Therefore, you can choose a paring knife with an appropriate knife seam, an angle close to a flat, and the blade edge is beveled, which is more convenient and not easy to waste.
Flat and serrated
Flat-necked paring knives are suitable for fruits with smooth skin, such as apples, pears, etc.; paring knives with small serrations are more suitable for thick and rough skins, similar to cucumbers.

Serration blade with F shape handle : Blade adopts 420 j2 stainless steel forging, lasting and durable, sharp serrated blade characteristic of design activity more suitable for the soft skin of fruits and vegetables, according to different ingredients each blade Angle, ensure that only cut ingredients cortex, handle adopts 304 stainless steel forging, ergonomic handle design, fully consider about handedness, dig a hole design, Suitable for removing the potholes of soft fruits and vegetables, a good peeling knife can promote the good mood of eating fruit and cooking.

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