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Introduction of a variety of kitchen knives


There are many types of knives. According to the function, they are divided into choppers, slice knives, vegetable knives, peeling knives, ham knives, tomato knives, watermelon knives, bread knives, multi-purpose knives, etc.; according to the cutting edge, they are divided into integrated steel knives and clamp steel knives; Divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, high-carbon stainless steel knives, etc. Nowadays, many brand knives are complete sets. Generally, complete sets of knives also include sharpening rods and tool holders.
①Machete: used for cutting bones.
②Slicing knife: used for slicing food, but not suitable for cutting frozen meat.
③Vegetable knife: used to cut vegetables and fruits.
④ Peeling knife: used for peeling the skin of vegetables and fruits.
⑤Ham knife: used to cut meats such as ham.
⑥Tomato knife: used to cut tomatoes and other juicy and soft fruits.
⑦Watermelon knife: used to cut melons with thicker skins and larger fruits.
⑧Bread knife: used to cut soft food with harder skin.

⑨Multi-purpose knife: especially suitable for cutting fish fillets, etc., and has various uses.

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