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Kitchen Utensil selection strategy


1. The basic requirements of tool materials
For kitchen utensil, the high hardness is the primary condition. The knives remove materials from the cost, so the material of the knives should be harder than the material of the workpiece. The second is the high strength and toughness of the tool. The material of the tool has a great cutting force and impact force when cutting, so the tool must have high strength and toughness. The most important thing is that the tool material should have wear resistance and heat resistance, because the tool cuts other things when it is used, and must have the characteristics of more wear resistance than other things, and heat resistance is the factor of its deformation It has been well reflected.
2. Look at the sharpness of the blade

The sharpness of the knife edge is the main factor for the long-term use of the knife. The sharpness is determined by the sharpness and durability of the knife edge. The sharpness of general steel knives can be divided into coarse and smooth. Coarse refers to the small teeth that can be seen under the microscope after opening with a grinding wheel; smooth refers to the cutting edge of natural powder stone grinding the opening, and the cutting edge is particularly smooth. Although the two types of sharpness are different, it is impossible to determine which one is better. The sharpness of the knife edge is determined by the geometric angle of the knife edge, so the geometric angle of the knife edge determines whether the tool is sharp or not.

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