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Tips for using and maintaining scissors


1. How to sharpen the scissors to be sharp
Sprinkle a little water on the sharpening stone first, then place the scissors diagonally and sharpen it back and forth horizontally. Note that both sides of the blade must be sharpened. After sharpening, rinse with clean water.
The sharpening rod is generally a steel rod. When sharpening the scissors, you only need to sharpen it back and forth along the cut angle of the scissors; since the sharpening rod is particularly easy to cut your hands, you must pay attention to safety.
Bowl bottom mill
The most common method should be this. When I was young, there were often some bowls or casseroles with rough bottoms. The blades of the scissors were directly aimed at the protruding area and polished back and forth. Just add some water to lubricate.

2. How to maintain the scissors

After using the scissors, clean them with clean water, and dry the scissors with a clean towel. Wrap the towel around the scissors and turn them back and forth. Keep the scissors in a well-ventilated, acid-free, dry place to prevent rust. Affect normal use.