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Kitchen scissors are more useful


Kitchen scissors can be used to complete some food processing operations that are inconvenient or impossible to complete with a kitchen knife, such as opening the back of shrimp, cutting the belly of the fish, processing crabs like the head picture, cutting off the bones of chicken and fish, and volleying green onions and peppers. Wait until the ingredients are cut into small pieces and put into the pot. At the same time, for some plastic bags that are more difficult to tear, it is more efficient to operate with kitchen scissors.

Use scissors to cut the package clean and flat. If some seasoning packages are opened with bare hands, powder, oil and water may splash around due to too much force. Using scissors is a convenient and clean method.

These are just the basic functional applications of kitchen scissors. If it is a multi-functional kitchen scissors, it may also have functions such as fish scale scraper, walnut clip, bottle opener, can lifter and so on.