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The house lived 2 years just discovery, look like "cold door" household things, it is the life good helper instead


I don't know when everyone started pursuing "web celebrity household products". It seems that "web celebrity good stuff" is equal to good use, but in my eyes, some web celebrity products actually turn over.

And the ability discovers after the day passes long, those look like the household things of cold door, after had been used actually, let the life had a lot of good helper, can solve a lot of household problems not only, also let the life cross more comfortable!

01Wireless-free induction lamp

Presumably a lot of people will be the same as me, there was no consideration before decorating, a lot of places will step pit. Is not the socket installation is less, is the network cable arrangement is unreasonable.
Among them, the most annoying is the lack of "sensor light" installation, every day to go home in the dark to turn on the light. Especially the Bao Ma clan, when feeding the night milk, still have to get up in the dark, it is really very inconvenient, and there are old people at home, parents often have to use a flashlight to turn on the light at midnight.
Ever since I got my hands on the Wireless-Free Sensor Light, I've found that this little-known gadget really works. Put a sensor light in your doorway, and no matter how late you get in at night, there's always a light waiting for you to come home.
It can switch between white light and warm light at will, does not hurt the eyes, charge for 4 hours, can be used for 180 days of induction, installation is also very convenient, stick to where the light to where, such as the porch, bathroom, bedside position, can be installed on 1 induction lamp.
It will not light up during the day, but at night when it is used, it will turn off automatically after 15 seconds. Every day when I go home, I don't have to turn on the light in the dark, and I don't have to turn on the light when I get up at night. It's really suitable for Mom Bao family.

02Wood pulp cotton wash dishes and wipe

Now most people's homes, wash the dishes or use the dish towel, or the kind of white magic wipe, but the magic wipe will release formaldehyde, and the dish towel with a long time, easy to mold and bacteria.
Basically, I have to throw away a number of dishtowels, which is really a waste, and reluctant to give up.
Recommends by bestie, my kitchen has changed into "wood pulp cotton dishwasher", which really refreshed the cognition of the dishwasher. It is made of wood pulp cotton and has rich honeycomb structure.
Even if you don't put dishwashing liquid, oily dishes, can be directly swabbed clean, really have to resist its oil absorption, and it is oil absorption but not oil, with a gentle flush of water, oil will all be washed away, instantly become clean.
Ordinary dish towels don't dry easily, but this is the quick-drying dish wipe. When it dries, it hardens, produces no odors, and doesn't breed bacteria.
Dry and hard vs. wet and soft
And compared with the ordinary dishtowel, dishwasher wipe, its service life is longer, basically a use of three months without a problem, really is a cold home furnishing goods in the good thing.

03Anti-tangling laundry balls

Every time you run your clothes through the washing machine, almost everyone finds one thing: they get tangled up in the wash. It was extremely difficult to separate them, and every time I hung the clothes, I had to make a great effort to separate them.

Especially in my home, I bought a washing machine with "anti-winding function", but after I used it, I found that it should be wound, or it will be wound.
My bestie recommended me to use "anti-entangling laundry balls". I thought it was an IQ tax. After all, if I put a few laundry balls into it, my clothes would not be entangled.
After the results have been used, only to find that they are not big, but the effect is really good. When washing clothes, casually throw in 8 or so laundry balls, can solve the problem of clothings winding.
It really doesn't get tangled, and it's made of PVC resin, so it doesn't damage your clothes, and since you've used it, everything in your house has been drying faster.

04Bottom decontamination cream

Believe every housewife, the kitchen that can buy a lot of high appearance level for oneself, good-looking pot is provided, but pot is provided with long, can be infected with the pot bottom of a black, especially pot body also can hair yellow hair is black.
Once the pot becomes black, it is really particularly difficult to clean, even if the steel wire ball hard to wipe, can not scrub clean, but also spend on the beautiful pot.
But when get online aimlessly, discovered "pot bottom decontamination cream", holding the state of mind that has a try. After the results are used, it is really a circle of powder, use it to scrub the pot, really easy and labor-saving, but also won't hurt the pot.
It extracts plant factors, so when you brush the pot with it, you don't hurt the pot, you don't hurt your hands. At the same time also contains antistatic agent, can form a protective isolation film, prevent the pot repeatedly oxidation blackening.
Like the ceramic tile black dirt in the home, pot burned black coke stains, and the rust on the gas stove, with it to wipe, can be wiped clean.

05Disposable toilet brush

The toilet brush is probably a must-have cleaning tool in every household, but if you've noticed it, it always stinks.
And not easy to dry, even if the wall is hung on the wall, or will be on the ceramic tile dripping small spray, as time passes on that position moldy.
The "disposable toilet brush" is probably the biggest contributor to my bathroom. As a neat freak like me, I really hate having to clean the toilet again after I've cleaned it and then have to endure the smell.
The head of the disposable toilet brush is biodegradable and comes with a concentrated toilet cleaner that melts when the water melts. After brushing the toilet, just press the button on the handle and the brush head will flush directly with the toilet.
After use, and then hung on the wall or next to the toilet, there will be no water stains, there will be no smell, can be said to be a disposable toilet brush, really I think it is a cold, but actually very good cleaning tools.

06Adjustable double shoe rest

When decorating, it is really easy to ignore the shoe cabinet in the porch. It would be good to have a place to store shoes before decorating. But as a housewife who loves to buy, the most things in the house are shoes.
The feeling lives longer more, the shoe ark in the home also is more and more insufficient outfit, bring about I always can endure to buy desire, at the end dare not buy a few pairs of shoes more.
The home that visited the neighbor behind, discover the shoe ark of her home, receive a space neatly really much, because she used "adjustable double deck shoe support".
Prepare on a few groups of shoes to hold more in the home, can let originally narrow shoe ark, porch ark, gave the space of one time much fully.
Pass stack the form that puts, no matter be high-heeled shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, can undertake receive, the space in shoe ark was used acme, do not waste a bit of space.