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Home lives, these 6 houseware things do not remember to buy expensive, cheap enough with it is ok


Home the time is long will buy some of your favorite household, but often when the choose and buy household items always think a penny a points goods, the master like to buy you some household items, but not all household articles for use is a good many household items need not so expensive, practical good, after all is not important, important is appropriate.
The mop that regards household as clean essential also is in furniture market ceaselessly update, all sorts of convenient mop vacate come out, but after changing many money mop, you can discover to still be in common sponge mop had better be used.
Sponge mops are less likely to leave water marks when they mop the floor with more water, which beats a lot of high-end mops.
This kind of mop can also choose the style of some householders will prefer to do some that you can choose to fold the sponge mop squeeze dry moisture, much more than the drum of good squeeze dry.
The kitchen can not only produce our three meals a day but also a big oil field. I believe many householders will find that even if there is a lampblack machine in the home, the cabinet table is still sticky within a few days and they can not get rid of oil stains.
Our householders must have tried a lot of oil products, but also heard a lot of advertisements may choose some very expensive imported products. In fact, we can solve this oil stain through baking soda. The cheap big bowl can achieve the same effect as the big brand to oil stain.
Ingredients green pollution-free, but also to achieve a very good cleaning effect.
Rags are necessary for washing dishes. Many householders like to buy some thick rags with good quality and high price. But in fact, such rags are too thick to dry for a while, easy to produce bacteria and easy to produce odor, and make the kitchen health a hidden trouble
In fact, we can choose some cheap materials such as non-woven rag cheap and big bowl, how to use a big roll is not sad, but also than expensive rag light and thin good air dry, keep the kitchen clean and sanitary.
A lot of householders like the window edge in the home when decorating, the balcony puts flowers of a few green plants. Let the house beautiful and full of vitality at the same time.
But a lot of householders like to buy a few delicate expensive feel to match his household more so when choosing vase, but do not use such actually, because green plant is the theme, simple vase can better reflect the beauty of green plant.
In fact, we can also do their own or with children, coconut shell, plastic bottles, pen container, can be a very good flowerpot, this flowerpot, good-looking and meaningful.
A lot of householders can discover the small position that has a corner when designing ambry, then adhering to the principle that does not waste a space such small corner also wants to use rise.
At this time the business will introduce the highest price of the cabinet corner basket, will also introduce it is how convenient, how large is the amount of storage, in fact, when you installed after will find its parts too much is easy to get stuck, broken a part all can not be used and so on.
Still be inferior to what direct make it lies between a layer actually come convenient and practical can receive a few large pot, still can make full use of a space this is more expensive than that the ambry corner basket that arrives outrageous come easy to use.
Believe that a lot of householders will like the dry and wet separation of the bathroom so appear clean and sanitary, and among them the design that uses most is the position that uses glass door to reserve place bath, look like be really good with easy.
But when there is a child in the home after this generous and simple design suddenly become not practical, the child's tub is not put in, it is very inconvenient really.
We still choose ordinary shower curtain is best to use, cheap but also can not occupy space, open and can create a large space suitable for children to take a bath, and do not hinder the separation of dry and wet.