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How to choose the type of kitchen knife?


Kitchen knives are the daily utensils used in the kitchen to cut vegetables, meat and fruits and other foods, usually complete sets.

1. What does the kitchen knife have?

(1) Different functions
Slicing knife: This knife is basically only suitable for soft food, such as vegetables or cooked food, easy to cut things.
Bone knife: as the name suggests, it is used to cut some meat with bones and other hard food. This kind of cutting tool generally has texture and is not easy to break.
Chopping knife: this knife can be used as either a slicing knife or a bone-chopping knife, but neither has the expertise of either. It's usually used for mincing meat.
Fruit knife: this kind of knife is more common, mainly used to cut fruit or vegetables, relatively light, convenient.

(2) Different materials
Iron cutting tools: this kind of cutting tools is a more traditional type, now there are few families in the market will buy and use, because iron cutting tools are easy to rust, affect health.
Stainless steel: stainless steel tool is now the most popular type, high hardness, cutting can be both light and practical.
Carbon steel tool: carbon steel tool is a kind of alloy tool, so although the hardness is very high, but the texture is relatively brittle, this kind of tool is rarely used to cut hard food in general family.
Ceramic cutting tool: ceramic cutting tool is a new type of cutting tool, with wear resistance, high temperature resistance, durability, not easy to stick and many other characteristics. This kind of cutting tool is made of porcelain. It is beautiful and practical.
Two, how to buy kitchen knives

(1) to see the blade
Buy the tool is mainly used to cut food, so whether the blade is sharp is very important, so in the purchase, to carefully check whether the tool is sharp, there is a gap.

(2) look at the handle
When using a tool, the handle is also very important. When choosing a tool, it is necessary to consider all the factors such as sweat absorption, anti-slip performance, comfort and the width of the handle. Having a desirable handle is conducive to better use of knives and cooking.