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How to choose kitchen utensils?


Many owners in the newly installed house, in order to add furniture only to find that they do not know what the kitchen with. In the acquisition of furniture goods, throw away a lot of, resulting in only the next acquisition. So what are the kitchen utensils? How to choose? Let's introduce it together.

How to choose kitchen utensils?

Storage utensils: divided into food storage and storage of utensils and supplies two big some. Food storage is divided into cold storage and non-cold storage, cold storage is through the kitchen in the refrigerator, freezer and other end. Utensils storage is the storage space for tableware, cooking utensils, utensils, etc. Storage appliances are finished by various bottom cabinets, hanging cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-function decoration cabinets, etc.

Cook utensil: primary have stove, kitchen is provided and the concerned thing when cook and utensils. Follow the process of kitchen renovation, rice cooker. High frequency electromagnetic cooker, microwave oven, microwave oven also preliminary a lot of into the family.

The pot: the pot is divided into pressure cooker, frying pan, frying pan, soup pot, steamer, milk pot, multi-function pot, etc.; According to the material, stainless steel pot, iron pot, aluminum pot, casserole pot, copper pot, enamel pot, non-stick pot, composite material pot, etc. According to the number of handles, it can be divided into one-ear pot and two-ear pot; According to the shape of the bottom of the pot, divided into a pan and a round bottom pan.

Dine utensils: include the furniture in dining-room first and dine utensils and utensils. Tableware has tableware of pottery and porcelain, plastic tableware, stainless steel tableware, enamel tableware, woodiness tableware, bamboo qualitative tableware to wait normally. Meanwhile, stainless steel tableware is mainly used for western tableware, enamel tableware, wooden tableware, bamboo tableware and plastic tableware are less used, stainless steel tableware is waiting for consumers, ceramic tableware is the main flow.

Criteria for choosing kitchen utensils

Cleanliness rules. Kitchenware should have resistance to pollution to adjust, it is to have to prevent a by, mice, ants and other food pollution function, just adjust to ensure the internal quality of all kitchen utensils.

Code of fire prevention. The kitchen is the only area in modern home where open fire is used. The level of fire retardant material is adjusted. It is the first standard to choose the fire protection surface of kitchen utensils and even the safety of the family.

Bento rules. The operation inside the kitchen should have a reasonable flow, accordingly, on the plan of hutch and utensils, can put each place by precise flow plan, be used in the future first.

Safety guidelines. When tableware of porcelain and porcelain of choose and buy, should take care to choose to decorate an area small or it is the tableware of the color below glaze that is safe or the color in glaze, do not choose the tableware that color is beautiful and inner wall contains color act the role of. On the glaze color porcelain, it is easy to identify with visual inspection and hand touch, where the picture is not as bright as the glaze, feel less smooth and even the edge of the picture has a convex feeling to be careful to buy.