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What are the kitchen utensils? How to clean kitchen utensils?


The kitchen is a vital part of a family, clean and tidy kitchen is what we pursue. So, what is The Complete Kitchen Appliance? How to clean kitchen utensils? These details may not be well known to many friends. The following is a small series of kitchen utensils for you to introduce what and how to clean the kitchen utensils.

What are the kitchen utensils? How to clean kitchen utensils?

What are the kitchen utensils:

1. kitchen storage equipment. The so-called kitchen storage equipment, generally speaking, is a food storage device with utensils and supplies storage device, I believe that many friends know the function of these two storage equipment.

2. Washing equipment in kitchen supplies. Include the supply system of hot and cold water, drainage equipment, wash basin, wash cabinet and so on, the garbage produced in the kitchen operation after washing should be set dustbin, bucket, etc., modern family kitchen should also be equipped with disinfection cabinet, food waste shredder and other equipment.

3. It is the conditioning equipment for kitchen supplies. It mainly includes the surface of the conditioning, finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients, preparation tools and utensils.

4. Cooking equipment in kitchen supplies. Its main stove, stove and cook when the relevant tools and utensils.

5. Dining equipment in kitchen supplies. Its basically include the furniture in dining-room and the tool when dining room and utensils to wait.

How to clean kitchen utensils:

1. Iron products

Mainly including iron pot, shovel, kitchen knife, etc., the key problem is rust removal and rust prevention. After cooking with iron pot every time, the oil in pot is brushed with a brush, wipe clean, reuse rag to wipe will not rust. If the paste pot when cooking, brush not off with a brush, you can sprinkle some kosher salt slightly fry, and then brush, it is easy to clean the pot. If you wash the pot with water after cooking, be sure to dry it with a rag after washing it, or burn it on the fire to dry the water remaining in the pot to avoid rust of the iron pot. Shovel, kitchen knife after use, on the surface coated with a layer of oil or dried with ginger, also can rust. If the iron has rusted, you can wipe it with potato skins and the rust will soon disappear.

2. Aluminum products

Aluminum POTS, pans and kettles will turn black after a period of use. Fruit peel such as banana peel, apple peel can be placed in aluminum products, add water to boil, fruit peel in the acid and aluminum oxide layer will occur, and then rinse with water, can be as bright as new. Do not brush aluminum products with steel ball.

3. Ceramic tableware

Put the ceramic tableware that just buys into 4% food vinegar water to soak, merge into the pot to boil, can take out most harmful material. The used porcelain dishes and bowls, if they are too greasy and not easy to clean, can be rinsed with hot water first, then wiped with dry flour to wash, and then rinsed with clean water, they will be clean. The bowl that has beaten egg liquid has very big fishy smell, soak in cold water first, then wash with hot water. If you wash it directly in hot water, the smell will stay on the bowl.

The glass oil bottle that uses for a long time, the bottom of the bottle can deposit a layer of oil dirt, the bottle body is also greasy, still can have peculiar smell. Can put a few crushed eggshell in the bottle first, drop into a few drops of detergent essence, pour a few hot water again, after shaking repeatedly, rinse with clear water, oily dirt can be cleaned clean. You can also put baking soda water or edible lye into the oil bottle and shake it for a while, then rinse it with hot water.

5, stainless steel products

Stainless steel products after a period of time, the surface will have a layer of fog, resulting in the surface of dark black. Can be stained with soft cloth detergent or detergent wipe. This method can also be used if the surface is blackened by fumes. If the food paste pot, can add some water in the pot on the stove to cook for a while, and then use 100 clean cloth or steel wire ball gently scrape, do not use a kitchen knife, fruit knife and other sharp tools shovel scrape.